Perfect Season Project – The Paperback

Perfect Season Project the paperback is out now!

Q: Isn’t all of this content on your blog?
A: The print edition contains new games from the 2019 season, updates to existing content, new anecdotes and honorable mentions. It has been fact-checked and edited. If you were a loyal reader of the blog you will recognize many of the featured games, but appreciate the final product even more.

Q: Who is this book for?
A: It is the ideal book for the stash of media in your bathroom. Remember when we had bathroom readers before smart phones? Those were great. At roughly 600 words per game, it is full of bite-sized stories and baseball trivia that can be consumed in a short sitting.

Q: Who else is this book for?
A: The uncle who calls you with hot stove news. The neighbor that gave you extra bleacher tickets when you were a kid. The co-worker you sneak out to day games with. The aunt always rocking the Chief Wahoo earrings. This book belongs in the hands of anyone with whom you share the joy of Indians baseball.

Q: How can I get a copy?
A: You can order directly from form below. The book and the Kindle version are also available on Amazon.